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What We Know About the Relaunch of Sailor Moon

Hey there fellow Moonies. As all of you know, or hopefully all of you know, there is a remake of Sailor Moon coming out in the winter of 2014. Many things have accompanied the remake.

This year, 2013 was the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon. All over the world there were anime conventions that featured voice actors and actresses of Sailor Moon. Most of the English Actors and Actresses have said they wish to revive their roles with the new series that is coming out. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

If that wasn’t good enough, there has been a complete relaunch! It started with the rerelease of the Sailor Moon Manga. Now all volumes are out and Naoko Takeuchi is rereleasing them again! But bigger. They are called “Kanzenban” or “Complete Edition”. The manga had been retouched to better fit society today. Simple things such as the Senshi using cellphones now. This is evident in the new Sera Myu musical that was released this year for the 20th anniversary.

It was called  La Reconquista and was based mostly in an arcade and in popular media, aka Idol bands. Ah…the Shitennou were so smexy…Naoko worked with this musical personally, even choosing the actresses for the senshi. There was no La Solider…but there was Senshi/Shitennou pairings. Maybe this means there will be the pairings in the new anime series. I know a certain Moonie that would be upset with that.

On top of the new Musical and the manga rereleases there have been a great deal of Sailor Moon novelty items, figurines, jewelry, and even night wear. Very, very expensive stuff…but I want it. It’s so sparkly.

Now…onto the new anime. It was originally meant to be released during the Summer of 2013. However, it had been pushed back and is now said to be realised this January. The set date exactly is still not known officially. The anime is being worked on alongside Naoko so we hope that there will be less plot holes then the previous anime. We also hope it better follows the manga. But these are just hopes. It is rumored that Kotono Mitsuishi will be reprising her role as Sailor Moon. We know that the idol group, Momoiro Clover Z, is going to be recording the new theme song. What the song is, we still aren’t sure. We also know the new anime will be airing on Niconico, a Japanese online streaming video site, and it will be subtitled in 10 different languages.  This obviously includes English, but we can only guess what the other languages might be.

So…although the new anime will be coming out in about a month we still haven’t had that much information yet! But I’m sure we’ll get more in the last week of waiting. Until next time, Club Sailor Moon will leave you with this Gif…


Mamoru says See ya!

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  1. Nice! and i’m guessing Sophia won’t like the parings?

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