Sailor Moon Crystal News

Watch the first 23 episodes of the new dub!!!

This coming Friday night, September 5th 2014, Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub will be available streaming on Hulu and Neon Alley! Viz will be having a live stream  “Moonlight Party!”, it is basically a virtual slumber party! The party will start at 11pm EST, 8pm PST on Friday and you will be able to see the first 4 episodes. On Sunday September 7th, you will be able to watch episodes 5-23.

On Friday there will be a Q&A event with VIZ, so keep an eye on their Twitter (@Sailor_Moon_NA) and Facebook page. There will also be a contest for North American, you can read rules here.

You can buy the DVD/Blu-Ray on November 11th. Also don’t forget about the  Act. 5 – Makoto, Sailor Jupiter (CrunchyRoll). Also don’t forget to tell us  you opinions on the redub and Sailor Moon Crystal on our forums!

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