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Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17, Secret – Sailor Jupiter, March 7th

act 17

Starting this Saturday March 7th you will be able to watch the newest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. The newst episode is Act 17, Secret – Sailor Jupiter. You can watch it at 5am EST 2am PCT and 7pm JST on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. In this episode Sailor Jupiter will face off with Petz and from the previous episodes things won’t look good for her.

I personally stopped waking up up early to watch the episodes after Act 4 but for those of you in Eastern time zone you can watch it at 6am in some North American cities because of daylight savings.

Also be sure to check out our forums and share your thoughts. Happy Watching!!

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  1. Me encanta Sailor Moon pero no puedo ver los nuevos capítulos, me podrían ayudar? Las se ayudan entre sí.

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