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Twitterverse People!

Okay….so my friend on Twitter (@TsukinoKousagi_) and I (@AinoMina_) have decided to bring back the #SailorMoonRP that’s on there. We want to start off with the Parallel Sailor Moon children and maybe the parents/outer scouts as well. So far we have:

Kousagi (@TsukinoKousagi_)

Mina (@AinoMina_)

Mako (@ParallelMako)

Rei Jr (in waiting)

We still need much more people. Anyone who wants to join Twitter RP and is a fan of Sailor Moon can join. We still need:

Ami Jr.

Any of the inner Senshi



The outer senshi

If you haven’t got Sailor Moon Short Stories #2 yet, you can read the chapter here:

Please, please, please help us?

Until next time, ClubSailorMoon says See ya!

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