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Three New Workers on the New Sailor Moon Anime Have Been Revealed

Today, on the Sailor Moon official site, new announcements about the staffing  for the new Sailor Moon anime were revealed.

The character designer for the new series is Yukie Sako. She helped out with other animes such as Steamboy and Yumeria (2004), Zone of Elders (2001), Labyrinth of Flames and Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card (2000), The Big O (1999), and Princess Mononoke (1997).

The music composer is Yasuharu Takanashi. S/he did the music for Fantasista Doll and Fairy Tail (2013), Naruto Shippuden (2007), Precure series, Carnival Phantasm (2011), Shiki (2010), and Hell Girl (2006).
The art directors are Takashi Hurahashi and Yumi Hosaka. They both have worked on Gatchaman Crowds (2013) and Mononoke (2007).

Many fans, including us here at ClubSailorMoon were hoping for something more concrete about this new anime, currently slated to begin in July of this year, but even though we haven’t seen anything like concept art for the series, the growing group of staff associated with it only confirms that this project is going forward.

From watching some of the animes, if not all, of the ones posted here that they have worked on I can tell this will be a really awesome remake! I so hope that it isn’t delayed again. I know some of you are slipping out of the fandom, but in the name of the Moon, HOLD ON!

Well that’s all for now. Until next time, ClubSailorMoon says See ya!

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