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Taiki Kou

Hello there fellow Sailor Moon fans. As you know, I am making biographies of the Sailor Scouts. Today, I focus on Taiki Kou.

Name: Taiki Kou

Nickname: Not Applicable

Family: Not Applicable; The three lights are not related to each other even if their last names are the same

Birthday: May 30th 1979

Current Age in 2012: 33

Blood Type: AB

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Horoscope for November 19th 2012: Challenging circumstances might prevent you from being clear about your direction today, making you feel as if you just want to retreat. Unfortunately, this is not a great time to give up on your dreams. Instead, be as clever as you can, think it all through and create a new and improved plan. Thankfully, you’ll be more prepared to overcome the obstacles in your path once you take the time to re-evaluate your options. (Taken from

Likes: Poetry, guitar

Dislikes: Arguments

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Class: Literature Least

Least favorite Class: None

Taiki is the most intellectual of the Three Lights. His abilities rival that of Amy Mizuno, though he considers her romantic notions foolish. Amy’s appeal for him to see the good in dreaming does begin to have an effect, however. In combat with a phage, Star Maker is the first of the Starlight’s to willingly allow Sailor Moon to heal the monster rather than trying to kill it herself.

Like Yaten, Taiki believes that Seiya should stay away from Serena after learning she is Sailor Moon, despite their wish, shared by Princess Kakyuu and the Guardian Scouts, for them all to work together.

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Well, until next time, ClubSailorMoon says see ya.

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