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Episode 7 and 8 are on Hulu

It is Monday and that means that new episodes are up, Today Episode 8 and Episode 9 were put up.   Episode 7- Usagi Learns Her Lesson: Becoming a Star Is Hard Work Usagi and Naru both dream of becoming a famous star like Mikan Shiratori, a graduate from their school. When the girls hear that Mikan is hosting a ... Read More »

Episode 8 Sailor Says

Serena: It’s so cool knowing that I saved the day. Raye: You? With that tiny little frisbee? My fireballs are what defeated that monster! Serena: *growls* My frisbee against your silly fireballs anytime anywhere! Raye: Oh yeah? Serena: Yeah! Amy: Neither of you defeated her. Serena: What? Amy: We all did. with teamwork. Raye: Oh! Luna: Now, if you could ... Read More »