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Stephanie Morgenstern to appear at Unplugged Expo

Stephanie Morgenstern is the voice actor for Sailor Venus in the English Dub Anime, she will be the guest of honor at the Unplugged Expo in Downtown Toronto (Woot Toronto!!!) on October 26 and 27. Here is a video showing her announcement!


For more information you can visit there website at

Well that’s all for now until next time ClubSailorMoon says See Yeah!


  1. Wow, so many people have found this video already… Darn YouTube settings!

    Thanks for posting this! Like the video said, we’re trying to CALL all of the Sailor Scouts!

    If you want to help please click our fb poll

    That way you can tell the Scouts how much you want them to reunite!


    • You gottta love youtube 😀

      so who owns north american rights? If you happen to know

      • Hi XXZero,

        Sorry we’ve been having this discussion with a lot of folks lately. We did some quick research when we posted this video and prematurely stated that Funi had the rights. It has come to our attention by many in the community that the rights have returned to Toei and they are in control of the series until further notice.

        Please don’t quote us on that, it was iterrated to us by numerous fan groups and sources who say they have information directly from Funimation.


  2. Is this event for 2013. Just making sure. This was posted quite a while back.

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