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Season 2 Episode List

Original Titles (in english) Dub Titles
47. Moon Revives! The Mysterious Alien Appears 41. The Return of Sailor Moon
48. For the Cause of Love and Justice! The Sailor Senshi Revive 42. So You Want to Be in Pictures?
49. Who is the White Rose for? Tsukikage no Knight Appears 43. A Knight to Remember
50. Usagi in Danger! Disabled Tiara 44. VR Madness
51. Renewed Transformation, Usagi’s Power Up 45. Cherry Blossom Time
52. Targeted Children! Venus in Action 46. Kindergarten Chaos
53. Mamoru and Usagi’s Babysitter Mayhem 47. Much Ado About Babysitting
54. The Cultural Festival Just for Me!? Queen Rei Sings All Out 48. Raye’s Day in the Spotlight
55. Is Seijuro the Moon Shadow!? Mako-chans Firing Up 49. Food Fetish
56. Steal Mamoru’s Kiss! Ann’s Snow White Strategy 50. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
57. Beware of After School! The Target Usagi 51. Detention Doldrums
58. The Disagreeing Feeling of Love! The Mikaiju’s Anger 52. Secret Garden
59. The True Love Awakens! The Makaiju’s Secret 53. Treed
60. Angel? Devil? The Mysterious Girl Who Fell from the Sky 54. Serena Times Two
61. Usagi’s Big Shock! Mamoru Announces that He is Breaking Up 55. The Cosmic Caper
62. The Friendship of the Senshi! Goodbye Ami-chan 56. Mercury Moving On?
63. Girls Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei’s New Attack 57. Gramps in a Pickle
64. After the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa’s Secret 58. Trouble Comes Thundering Down
65. Dispute About Love! Makoto and Minako’s Argument 59. A Charmed Life
66. Usagi’s Parenthood? The Curry Triangle Relationship 60. A Curried Favor
67. Ocean, Island, Vacation! Senshi’s Day Off
missing episode
68. Protect Chibiusa! The Fierce Battle Between the 10 Warriors 61. Naughty and Nice
69. Awaken the Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru’s Distress 62. Prediction of Doom
70. Confronting the Flame of Love! Mars vs. Cooan 63. Enemies No More
71. For Friendship! Ami and Beruche Clash 64. Check Mate
72. Rubeus’ Emergancy! The Loss Of 4 Sisters 65. Sibling Rivalry
73. Rubeus’ UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi Taken Hostage 66. Rubeus Evens the Score
74. Go and Beat Up Rubeus! A Battle in Space 67. Rubeus Strikes Out
75. A Mysterious New Soldier! Sailor Pluto Appears 68. The Secret of the Luna Sphere
76. Power of the Evils, Invation by Esmerado 69. Emerald Takes Over
77. The Thoughts are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Again 70. Promises Fulfilled
78. Venus-Minako’s Nurse Mayhem 71. No Thanks, Nurse Venus
79. The Adventures of Artemis! The Evil Animal Kingdom 72. Dog Day for Artemis
80. The Illusion of Terror. Lone Ami 73. Lonely Amy
81. The Dark Gate Opens? Grade School Targeted! 74. Child’s Play
82. Journey to the Future. Battle in the Corridor of Time 75. Future Shocked
83. Battle in the Future! Demondo’s Ambition! 76. Legend of the Negamoon
84. Wiseman’s Dark Hand. Destroy Chibiusa! 77. Jealousy’s Just Reward
85. Queen of Darkness! The Birth of the Black Lady 78. The Birth of Wicked Lady
86. Death of Safiel! Wiseman’s Trap! 79. Brotherly Love
87. Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi’s Will Power 80. Diamond in the Rough
88. The Last Battle Between Light and Dark! Vow to Tomarrow’s Love 81. Final Battle
89. Usagi’s Final Desision! Prologue to a New Battle 82. Follow the Leader


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