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Say It Isn’t True! A Possible Delay?!

Although only confimed by rumors at this point, the new Sailor Moon anime which was announced last summer is possibly going to be delayed for about a year. These rumors were sparked by a tweet from Fumio Osana, the editor of the Sailor Moon manga, word from Toru Furuya, otherwise known as Tuxedo Mask, and word from a European distributor for Sailor Moon. If there is a delay it’s going to be reasleased most likely in the winter of 2014. We here at ClubSailorMoon, just like all you moonies out there, are hoping this is only a rumor.

Here are the links for any information were have the started this rumor:

Well, here’s hoping the new anime will still be aired this summmer, ClubSailorMoon says, see ya!

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