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Sailor Moon Reflections Ready for Pre-orders


Last year at Unplugged Expo 2 Ronald Parliament (voice of Melvin for the first 65 episode) announced that he would be releasing a book about the dubbing of Sailor Moon. It is nearing completion but it needs pre-orders to be published.

To pre-order the book you can follow the following steps

*When pre-ordering, please indicate whether you want softcover ($20) or hardcover ($30), and indicate your desired personalization/salutation.

*For Paypal orders, you will need to fill in the correct amount and your personalization desired. The shipping cost is extra and covers mailing it to you after it is autographed.

*If you pre-order by mail, please send a $10 cheque or money order made out to Roland Parliament as your deposit.

*E-books will be $4.99 and do not require pre-ordering.

*Prices are subject to change


Here are some exerts from the books

The foreword of the book, by Terri Hawkes (Sailor Moon #2):

If you are a current or aspiring voice actor, writer, director, agent or producer, there is wisdom in the following pages. If you are interested in the history of Canada’s performing arts, consider this work an essential chapter. If you are a lover of anime, regard this treatise as a ‘must read’ — an important piece to the puzzle called ‘the gateway to anime’. If you are simply a fan of Sailor Moon, prepare yourself for an incredibly rare and delicious treat.

In this book, voice director, actor and teacher Roland Parliament has created a unique archive that touches on and contributes to the craft and
business of voice acting, Canada’s rich performing arts community and the legend of ‘Sailor Moon’ — in particular, the English dubbing of the iconic anime series.

I had the good fortune to provide one of the English voices of the anime character — Sailor Moon herself — in the series of that name. During that time I had the great pleasure of working with Roland Parliament, who taught me a great deal about directing and collaborating. My professional experience with Roland was stellar. The bonus was that he made work so much fun. It is a privilege to introduce him here.

As someone who has dedicated more than three decades working as a voice actor, director and teacher, Roland Parliament is well positioned to opine on the craft and business of voice acting and directing. Here he touches on his experience from both professional and academic viewpoints. He very practically merges two worlds that others might see as quite separate: theory and practice. In this book, Roland shares his vision in examining the importance of study (theory) and the practicalities of the business, which employs those who have honed their craft as voice actors (practice).

I know that Roland is very grateful to the Sailor Moon fan base.

This book is his gift to you.

Thus, I wish you all a delightful journey through the coming chapters — whether you’re reading for professional reasons, academic interests or for pure love of the Sailor Scouts and friends. I salute Roland Parliament in following through on this initiative. He has imbued these pages with facts, personal perspectives, varied voices and a combined wealth of experiences that provide a valuable contribution to the history of anime and the Canadian performing arts. Plus, this is an incredibly fun read!

Soldier on, Sailor Scouts. Keep fighting the negaverse, and remember:
“Moon, reading, power!!!!”

— Terri Hawkes (a.k.a. ‘Sailor Moon’)

Here are some quotes from the book that Roland (bold text from Roland)…

This is the lead into the chapter “How I got started.” I wish this to be an inspiration to aspiring voice actors who may not know what is required:

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” — St. Francis of Assisi

This is a universal message to all who may feel that because of their colour, race, origins or other abilities may not qualify for this work. I want to dispel this notion and encourage us all to accept one another:

“The world is a vast stage on which many opinions and viewpoints should be exposed, for our global community to witness and experience. This not only expands our collective knowledge, but also gives us opportunity to understand our differences and commonalities, which can only serve to make a better world for all of us. We all share this one planet, and the more we can all work together for the betterment of all, the richer all of our lives will be.”

The quotes and information is from MoonChase

More Information on pre-ordering

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