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Sailor Moon Opening “Moon Pride” and Closing “Gekkou” Themes

Yesterday we got a first look on the new anime and today we found out the names of the opening and closing theme songs. The opening theme song is called “Moon Pride” and the ending theme song is called “Gekkou”. Both of these songs are preformed by the group Momoiro Clover Z The songs will be released  June 30th 2014. You can check out the video below.

Moon Pride is composed by Revo of Sound Horizon and Gekkou is composed by Akiko Kosaka who composed many Sailor Moon songs from the original anime including Moon Revenge, from the Sailor Moon R Movie, Tuxedo Mirage, the ending theme for Sailor Moon S and many songs in the musical.

You can preorder the song by getting the CD version which will include a bonus track of a Momoiro Clover Z cover of Moon Revenge, including karaoke versions of all 3 tracks [CD Japan, Amazon Japan] or by buying the CD and Blu-Ray combo pack which will have just the opening and ending themes in standard and karaoke versions and a music video of Moon Pride on Blu-Ray [CD Japan, Amazon Japan].



  1. I’m looking forward to the coming-up Sailor Moon Crystal. To be honest, I like the old opening theme song of Sailor Moon more than the latest opening song, I don’t know why but it suits.

  2. Your right it does suit the new anime, I really like this song I cant wait >.<

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