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Hey CSM Users!

Yesterday I uploaded our new app, this is a very simple app all it does is takes news from ClubSailorMoon and puts it in a nice little convenient app.

You can download the app here  This app is only available for Android users, sorry iOS users!


Here are some screenshots of the app.













Here is some random stuff that really does not matter, so this is my 2nd Sailor Moon app I also had another app called “Sailor Moon Quiz” but it is no longer available because when I had it up the Google play leader-boards kept failing (it was really odd, it worked sometimes and other times it didn’t)  but during my Christmas break I will have a deeper look in to the problem and re release it. Stay tune for that! Let us know what you think about the app on the comments section or on our forums!


Until next time CSM says CYA!



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