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Recently there has been a huge surge of new mechandise for Sailor Moon comming out in the market.s. So I figured I would post a large post explaining and showing each new mechandise item. I won’t be adding all the links for pre orders since they sell out rather fast. So…sorry ahead of time.

First up: Sailor Moon “Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder”

Based after the Crystal Star transformation brooch, Bandai brings to us the original Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder, which comes in a compact that replicates it. While the product is cool enough, the really exciting part if the detailed replication of the brooch. It costs about $40 dollars.

Second would be: Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Nail Collection

The transformation sticks in the magical girl anime Sailor Moon R are inspiring the Nail Collection in the Miracle Romance line of Sailor Moon cosmetics from Bandai. The tops of these transformation sticks are reimagined as a set of nail polish bottles slated for release this October. Sailor Moon’s will be repesented with a pink stick. It will cost about $53.

Third: Sailor Moon SuperS Brooch Design Ring

This will come in two versions:

  • 925 silver with a 5mm Swarovski crystal
  • 18k gold coated 925 silver with 5mm Swarovski crystal

This ring looks like the transformation brooch for Sailor Moon in SuperS. And best of all, it’s not plastic it’s real! Made in Japan. Please note the sizes listed on Bandai are Japanese sizes so you’ll have to convert your ring size accordingly. It will cost $167 USD.

Here are pictures of the items in correct order.


So save your money cause you have lot’s to buy! Until next time ClubSailorMoon says Bye!

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  1. Ooooooh i’m saving up big time

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