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Sailor Moon for Boys! – Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

cute HS de

I was roaming around facebook and someone posted this on our group and I thought I should share it on our blog. There are lots of boys that like Sailor Moon but if you want to watch an anime that is just like sailor moon but for boys then you should check out “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!”. You can watch it for free on crunchyroll.


Here is the summary of the series

The story revolves around the members of the “Earth Defense Club” aka the “Do Nothing Club” at Binan High School. One day, the club members are soaking in a hot bath together when all of a sudden a mysterious pink wombat appears out of thin air! The wombat asks the members to lend it their help to protect the Earth. At school the next day, each of the club members receives a magical bracelet enveloping them in a dazzling light


The series is basically sailor moon but with a male cast, they are  students in high school, and they transform (still male) using magical bracelets which cause them to dress in pretty boy clothes and this allows them to perform magical attacks. Sounds like Sailor Moon Eh? Oh and they even have a talking pet like Luna. I really want to know what you all think about this anime and the idea of them being boys.



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  1. My question is, which audience does the show aim to? Girls, or boys? It’s an interesting take on the magical girl genre even though they’re magical boys. I laughed a lot- it’s hard for me to take this series seriously!! XD

    My initial reaction was that I thought it was rather ridiculous, though the show does provide quite a bit of comic slapstick, which helps it to save face, I think. The characters do have mostly typical high school boy personalities, which helps. I can’t think of many high school dudes who’d be willing to do that, though. (Ha ha ha…)

    I do kind of feel bad for them, though in the fact that they don’t really get any kind of disguise (think PreCure), and were basically roped into this. If I was a magical girl, I’d definitely want a disguise!! Lol How did Usagi-tachi ever do it?

    Interesting series. For now, I’ll watch it as the mood strikes me. Thanks for the article on the Club Sailor Moon app.

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