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Sailor Moon Crystal to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray starting October 15th

Sailor Moon Crystal just started airing this past weekend plans for a DVD and Blue-Ray release are being made! The first two episodes will be released on October 15th by Evil Line records. With this release there will be 3 different types, limited deluxe edition blue-ray, and regular blue-ray/DVD. These are Japanese release so they will be in Japanese with no subtitles.

The first DVD and Blu-Ray will have two episodes on one disk! There will be 13 disk releases and they will cover all 26 episodes.  The limited edition Blu-Ray of the first disk is 7500 yen (about $75 US), will include a full colour booklet. The limited edition will also include a different charm with each disk, starting with a Moon Stick charm and bracelet with volume 1. By sending in a voucher included with volumes 1 and 13 Japanese residents will be able to get a special box to store all 13 disks in. This will be a music box which will play Moon Pride, the theme song by Momoiro Clover Z.



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You can watch the ad here


Here is the release dates for the rest of the disks

Vol. 1 – October 15th 2014
Vol. 2 – November 12th 2014
Vol. 3 – December 10th 2014
Vol. 4 – January 14th 2015
Vol. 5 – February 11th 2015
Vol. 6 – March 11th 2015
Vol. 7 – April 8th 2015
Vol. 8 – May 13th 2015
Vol. 9 – June 10th 2015
Vol. 10 – July 8th 2015
Vol. 11 – August 12th 2015
Vol. 12 – September 9th 2015
Vol. 13 – October 7th 2015 (7500 yen for the limited edition)


Preorder link:

Volume 1 deluxe limited edition:

Blu-Ray (Amazon Japan, CD Japan), regular edition Blu-ray (Amazon Japan, CD Japan) or DVD (Amazon Japan, CD Japan)

Volume 2 deluxe limited edition:

Blu-Ray (Amazon Japan, CD Japan), regular edition Blu-Ray (Amazon Japan, CD Japan) or DVD (Amazon Japan, CD Japan).

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