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Sailor Moon Crystal Going To Be Streamed On Crunchyroll



Yes! You heard right, the new anime that is going to be released on Crunchyroll!! Sailor Moon Crystal will stream on Crunchyroll starting Saturday, July 5 at 3:00am PT or 6am ET. The new anime will be English Subbed.

Now why is this good news?

1. Free
2. It’s better website for English speaking users
3. HD if you use premium service
4. You can watch it on lots of other devices

This was mentioned Fanime panel and to view the official announcement you can click here.
I’m so excited that it’s going to be on Crunchyroll, untill next time ClubSailorMoon says Cya!


  1. Yes I love CR!!

  2. Sailor Moon Fan1

    Thank you for the latest news!!

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