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Sailor Moon Crystal Blue-Ray Volume 2

vol2 cover

The box art for the second volume of the Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Deluxe Limited Edition has been released. The episodes included on this disk are act 3, Rei – Sailor Mars, and act 4, Masquerade Dance Party. Since Sailor Mercury is on the cover for this DVD then i’m betting next will be Sailor Mars.


This set also includes a charm to go with the charm bracelet included in the volume 1 Blu-Ray box. This charm is of Sailor Mercury’s transformation item. Also another 24 page colour booklet will be included with this set. These discs will have fixed up version of the anime.


VOL 2 Box art

This Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray will be released on November 12th and can be pre-ordered from

Amazon Japan

CD Japan





If you want to get the Blue-ray for cheaper you can wait till December 10th to get the regular edition Blu-Ray but there will be no swag. Also these DVD’s will not have English subtitles or any English Audios.

(Amazon Japan

CD Japan


or the DVD Amazon Japan, CD Japan, YesAsia

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