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Sailor Moon Arc Summaries: Dark Kingdom Arc

Usagi (Serena) Tsukino is an 8th grade schoolgirl who saves a cat with a crescent moon on its forehead one day on her way to school. At home Usagi meets the cat, who can talk and introduces itself as Luna, again in her room. Luna gives the her the ability to transform into Sailor Moon, the pretty sailor soldier of justice.

Sailor Moon faces the Dark Kingdom (Negaverse), an enemy group that wants to take over the Earth. This group consists of Queen Metallia, Queen Beryl, and the four generals: Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite, and Kunzite. Sailor Moon’s mission is to protect the world while finding the Moon Princess who she must protect. She finds allies in Tuxedo Kamen (Tuxedo Mask), a mysterious masked man who assists her in her fights but has his own agenda (and whom Usagi has a huge crush on), and the other Sailor Soldiers that she gradually discovers in four other girls: Amy Anderson/Mercury, Raye Hino/Mars, Lita/Jupiter, and Mina/Venus.

Usagi’s main relationship crisis throughout the season consists of her problems with Mamoru Chiba (Darein Sheilds), an attractive but annoying college student who constantly teases her. He is really Tuxedo Kamen, but he (and the Sailor Senshi) don’t discover this until later on.

The Dark Kingdom’s first job is to gain energy for Metallia by draining the life forces of humans. Later on, however, they begin to look for the ginzuishou (Silver Crystal). This leads them to go after the seven rainbow crystals sealed inside seven people who were originally the Dark Kingdom’s seven original monsters. When brought together, the rainbow crystals create the ginzuishou. Therefore, the new priority of the Sailors is to find the seven rainbow crystals before the Dark Kingdom does. The Dark Kingdom, the Sailor Senshi, and Tuxedo Kamen all fight for the crystals. Because of the fight for the crystals, Usagi and Mamoru discover each other’s identities when they are trapped by Zoicite. Usagi is the true Princess of the Moon, and Mamoru is her lover, Prince Endymion (Prince Darein) of Earth. Usagi receives the ginzuishou, but Mamoru is kidnapped and brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom.

Later on in the season, Usagi, Amy, Raye, Mina, and Lita must confront the Dark Kingdom, learning about their pasts on the moon in the process. In episode 45, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus all die trying to protect Sailormoon. In episode 46, Mamoru, as evil Prince Endymion, tries to kill Sailormoon, but before he can finally do so, Sailormoon revives his memories. Mamoru then dies trying to save Sailormoon from Queen Beryl. Sailormoon then defeats Beryl and Metallia as Princess Serenity using the ginzuishou and the other Sailor Senshi’s powers, then dies, since that is the consequence of using the full power of the ginzuishou. Usagi’s last wish is to live a normal life as a normal girl, so her wish is granted, and at the end of the episode, all the girls and Mamoru come back to life without their memories of the past year. In the english dub these episodes are cut extermly and put together into one.

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