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Sailor Moon Arc Summaries: Alien Arc

The Alien Arc takes place at the beginning of season 2 and features the Aliens Allan and Ann, which combined sound like alien. They are new villains that enroll in Serena’s school shortly after a metor crashed into Juban. The purpose of these villains is to colllect energy from the humans to feed their Doom Tree, which substains their life. The steal this energy using Cardian’s, monsters drawn from a set of cards by Ann.
When this arc begins, the Sailor Scouts still don’t remember any of the events from season 1. Very quickly in the season the scouts receive their memories back through the Lunar Mindmelt and they begin to fight these forces. Even though the Sailor Scouts have their memories back, Darein dosen’t. However, instead of Tuxedo Mask fighting along side the Scouts, there is a new hero Moonlight Knight. Moonlight Knight turns out to be Darein’s memories and stops showing up after Darein gains back his memories.

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