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Roland Parliament, the voice of Melvin, writes a book working on the show

Sorry it’s been a while but not much news other then simple merchandizing has been coming out about Sailor Moon. We’re hoping for more information of the new series soon since the set date is something this winter.

However, we do have some news for those of you who are fans of the English dub version.

Roland Parliament, the voice of Melvin and voice director for the first 65 episodes of the English dub of Sailor Moon, has written a book about his time working on the show.  This book was written this past summer and includes contributions and photos from many of the voice actors that worked on the original DiC dubbed episodes of Sailor Moon.  The book is currently with the editor so it should be completed soon.

We’ll be sure to share any more details about this book’s release as it’s release approaches.

Until next time, ClubSailorMoon says see ya!


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