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New Commercial for S.H Figuarts Sailor Moon Figure

S.H Figuarts Sailor Moon figure will be avalable for pre-order as of May 8th and so Bandai has released an amazing commercial for this figure.  The commercial features the voice of Kotono Mitsuishi( Sailor Moon) and features a number of different parts that are included with the figure.  You can watch it below.


  1. ….
    Wow this commerical.. I just sorta laughed.
    Some of the Anime scenes were from the old Anime then?

  2. Sailor Moon fan

    140mm height
    comes with Luna[tail and head movement], 2 crescent moon wands [one with crystal, and one without], 3 interchangeable hands for each wrist, and 5 heads for the different expressions. There is of course two parts also for the Moon Tiara action. Reserving them begins on May 8th, but according to the site itself, the actual release date isn’t until August 2013. 4,410 yen is the price, roughly 45$

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