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Michelle (Michiru) Kaiou

Hello there fellow Sailor Moon fans. As you know, I am making biographies of the Sailor Scouts. Today, I focus on Michelle (Michiru) Kaiou.

Name: Michelle (Michiru) Kaiou

Nickname:  Not Applicable

Family: Amara; in the manga (lovers), in the English anime cousins

Birthday: March 6th 1978

Current Age in 2012: 34

Blood Type: O

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Horoscope for November 14th 2012:

Avoid the temptation to fill in too many details on your calendar since planning ahead may not be as effective as you wish today. Taking time for spiritual rejuvenation is a smart idea and goes a long way to reducing your stress level. Have faith that your intuition will guide you to your proper destination at exactly the right moment. (Taken from


Favorite Colour: Aqua Green

Favorite Food: Sashimi

Least favorite food: Kikurage

Likes: Violin, Swimming

Dislikes: Sea Cucumbers

Favorite Class: Music

Least Favorite Class: Not Applicable

Favorite Stone: Aquamarine


Michelle plays the role of the second outer Senshi, Sailor Neptune. She is first introduced in the third season along with her partner and cousin (lover in the Japanese dub) Amara Tenou. She is elegant, sophisticated, can be angered quickly, and is sometimes cold. She can often be seen playing the violin or having coffee at a local coffee shop with Amara. Actually, Michelle’s skill with the violin extends to playing the instrument while simultaneously juggling a lemon. She is fully dedicated to her duty as a Sailor.

Sailor Neptune’s powers are influenced from the sea (not with water in general as Sailor Mercury’s powers are) since Neptune is named after the Roman God of the Seas, Neptune. She has natural psychic powers that alert her when danger is near. She seems to be a character with a very deep understanding of things, sometimes even surpassing the other Outer Senshi due to her unnaturally high psychic endowments.

Her mission, along with Uranus, was to find the three pure heart talismans to uncover the Purity Chalice and the true Messiah who would save the world from destruction. After the chalice appeared her mission along with Pluto was to find out where the Sovereign of Silence was hidden in order to kill her.

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