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Even with the current rumors about a frezze on the New Sailor Moon anime this summer, Sailor Moon fans can relaz with the knwoledge that many Sailor Moon voice actors will be appearing at conventions this season. In an eariler post, we mentioned two voice actors from the enhlish dubbed Sailor Moon would be appearing at Anime North this May. Well, two more names have appeared on the guest lists. They are:

Katie Griffin

A Toronto native who has been a professional actor, voice actor, and singer for over 20 years. Having worked with acting powerhouses such as Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, Matt Dillon, and Rob Lowe, Katie’s film and television career has been colourful to say the least. Her true strength and success, however, has come in the form of voice-over. She’s voiced hundreds of radio and television commercials, sung on numerous radio jingles, and continues to star in popular cartoons. She is otherwise known as Sailor Mars!

Susan Roman

A veteran voice actor with a ton of credits to her name.  She provided the voice of Lita, Sailor Jupiter, for her entire time in the series making her the only actress to voice one of the main Sailor Scout for the entire length of the series, in English.

Here are some links for your Anime North guest information

We’ll be keeping an eye out at other conventions, so until next time ClubSailor Moon says See Ya!

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