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Hotaru Tomoe

Hello there fellow Sailor Moon fans. As you know, I am making biographies of the Sailor Scouts. Today, I focus on Hotaru Tomoe.


Name: Hotaru Tomoe

Nickname:  Not Applicable

Family: Professor Tomoe (father), Keiko Tomoe (Mother, deceased); in manga becomes part of the outer scout’s adoptive family

Birthday: January 6th 1981

Current Age in 2012: 31

Blood Type: AB

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Horoscope for November 16th 2012:

Your somber approach to the world might feel more comfortable to you now than it does to others. Your pragmatic reserve brings up issues for those who would rather you act in a more happy-go-lucky manner. But it won’t help if you put on a smiling face just to please someone else. Stick with what your instincts tell you and be yourself. (Taken from


Favorite Colour: Purple

Favorite Food: Japanese Buckwheat noodles

Least favorite food: Milk

Likes: Reading, table tennis

Dislikes: Running marathons

Favorite Class: World History

Least Favorite Class: Physical Education

Favorite Stone: Fluorite


Hotaru Tomoe is the last of the Outer Scouts, Sailor Saturn. With people who do not know or understand her well, Hotaru is extremely shy and socially awkward, due to her powers and intelligence, but only at first. With her close friends and family she is a sweet, gentle, young woman with a great warmth and spirit. She tends to be independent, having been alone and taking care of herself for quite some time. Hotaru grew up very much alone, sick, and an outcast, shunned by her classmates who were frightened of her. It was not until she met Rini that she at last had a true friend. Hotaru is the only Scout not to have their name changed into an English spelling or name by the English dub.

She is the daughter of Professor Tomoe, the one responsible for the Damion pods in the third season. She had both Mistress Nine and Sailor Saturn living inside of her. Mistress Nine was destroyed by Hotaru and Sailor Saturn with help from the purity Chalice, and Saturn had to go inside Pharaoh Ninety to stop the silence. This would mean that Saturn would die. However, because of Super Sailor Moon, Hotaru was reverted to a baby and lived. Hotaru turns into a full grown child and possess Saturn once again in the second Arc of Sailor Stars.

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