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Happy New Year

Hey Moonies!

This marks another great year! This year was especially the best for Sailor Moon because this was the year Sailor Moon Crystal and VIZ ReDUb/ReSub were released. I hope 2014 was good year and if it wasn’t then the new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written! We can help write that story by setting goals.

What are your goals?

What is you new year resolution?

I hope that in the new year I can meet more moonies and have more people join our forums. Below is the scheduled for sailor moon crystal, this includes all episodes that will be released till the end of the black moon clan arc. This includes the three weeks wait that is needed for some months.

January 2015:
January 3rd —— ‘Act 13: Final Battle ~ REINCARNATION
January 17th — ‘Act 14: Conclusion and Commencement ~ PETITE ETRANGERE

February 2015:
Feb. 7th ——— ‘Act 15: Infiltration ~ SAILOR MARS
Feb. 21st ——– ‘Act 16: Abduction ~ SAILOR MERCURY

March 2015:
March 7th ——– ‘Act 17: Secret ~ SAILOR JUPITER
March 21st ——- ‘Act 18: Invasion ~ SAILOR VENUS

April 2015:
April 4th ———- ‘Act 19: Time Warp ~ SAILOR PLUTO
April 18th ——— ‘Act 20: Crystal Tokyo ~ KING ENDYMION

May 2015:
May 2nd ———- ‘Act 21: Complication ~ NEMESIS
May 16th ——— ‘Act 22: Hidden Agenda ~ NEMESIS

June 2015:
June 6th ———- ‘Act 23: Covert Maneuvers ~ WISEMAN
June 20th ——— ‘Act 24: Attack ~ BLACK LADY

July 2015:
July 4th ———– ‘Act 25: Showdown ~ DEATH PHANTOM
July 18th ———- ‘Act 26: Replay ~ NEVERENDING

New Year 20152


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