Sailor Moon Crystal News

Episode 41 and 42 are up

It’s Moonday and that means that two new Subbed episodes are out. This week it is Episodes 41 and 42.











Episode 41: I Won’t Run Away from Love Anymore: Ami vs. Mamoru

The Dark Kingdom is trying again to revive the Seven Great Monsters. With five of them already under enemy control, Sailor Mercury and Jupiter scramble to protect Ryo Urawa, while Moon, Mars and Venus stay behind at Hikawa Shrine to protect Grandpa Hino.


Episode 42: Sailor Venus’s Past: Minako’s Tragic Love

Minako receives a surprise visit from Katarina, an Interpol officer from the UK and Minako’s former partner while crime fighting as Sailor V. The two solved many cases together until a tragic incident forced them to go their separate ways.











Also don’t forget about Viz’s redub, you can watch the episodes on Hulu!

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