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Episode 31 and 32

Its Moonday and that means two new episodes are out this week. This week it is episodes 31 and 32



Episode 31: Love and Chased: Luna’s Worst Day Ever,rhett

Usagi and friends meet a girl who they believe holds the final Rainbow Crystal. Zoisite also pursues her. But when neither Usagi’s Moon Stick nor Zoisite’s Dark Crystal reacts to the girl, they realize it’s her pet cat that possesses the Rainbow Crystal!








umino kamenEpisode 32: Umino’s Resolve: I’ll Protect Naru

Umino seems to have fallen in love with Naru. Unfortunately, Naru only considers Umino a friend, so Usagi decides to play Cupid by getting free tickets to the amusement park and urges them to go on a date together.









Oh and I am back from my trip to London 😀

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