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Discuss Sailor Moon Remake 2013

So, there is still no new information about the remake, but we here at clubsailormoon have decided that we want to hear from you. If you have anything to say about the remake, join the forums and discuss.

What do you want to see in the new series?

Who do you hope plays the characters?

Do you want to see more of the three lights?

How about more romance?

These are just some of the things you can talk about in the forums. To contribute to these conversations, just click the link at the top of the screen or this link: Next make an accout, confirm it and start chatting. We will post what most of you want to see on the main page before the summer.

Until next time, ClubSailorMoon says, see ya!


  1. LighteningofDoom001

    This maybe unusual to some fans out there. But as a fan of Sailor-Moon who read the manga and watches all the anime series, I would love to see in the new anime remake of Sailor Moon the police and even the military to get involved this time. I always find it weird that the authorities doesn’t get involved to play some roles whenever some major events happening. Yes, it is an anime, but however, I’m very interested to see them take this new direction on how the authorities really respond out of the ordinary whether they can trust someone with supernatural powers or not. And how the Scouts would also handle against these type of odds that kind of went missing in the show.

    Much like how the new reboot of the Superman movie called, Man of Steel is taking this similar approach on how people would really react to someone with extraordinary strengths and power. And the military this time around actually posing a threat to both the heroes and the villains. As well as taking a more serious approach showing a more human side and emotions to each iconic characters we loved and enjoyed with.

    • I Can’t wait to the new superman movie, it looks so good! I watched Batman and it was the best movie ever, i’m hoping man of steel would be even better. As for the remake, yeah the military/police never come to help or get involved, if there is a big huge force in middle of downtown,in reality there would be authority there and most likely the authority will get in the super hero’s way. I think they should put some of that in, not too much but a little, Thanks for pointing that out LighteningofDoom001! Also be sure to join our forums!

      • LighteningofDoom001

        Where do I sign up in the forum? Got the link or something? But yeah, adding the military at some point in the series really adds the tension that things are about to get serious later on which might be a good idea. But at the same time, I don’t want to see the Military go down so easily like most other shows out there by the heroes or the villains. I want the modern military to actually pose a threat against them as well. And yes, not too much of it like most of us would agree with, but it’s worth adding this new feature in the new Sailor Moon.

        And yeah, glad you’re looking forward to see the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. Summer 2013 is going to be another big day for movies and anime.

  2. Have you tried clicking the top of the webpage where it says forums?
    If you have, have you made an account by clicking the create an Account at the top of that page?
    If you made that account, have you confirmed it by cheaking your e-mail?
    If so, I don’t know what you could be doing wrong.

    If these abpve steps don’t help, then please contact either me or xxzero for more help.

  3. LighteningofDoom001

    Alright now it works, thanks for the help.

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