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Cover art for the upcoming Sailor Stars DVD and Blu-Ray release

Hello Moonies!

Here is the cover art for the upcoming Sailor Moon Stars part 1 DVD/Blu-ray. This DVD/Blu-ray will include the first 17 episodes and will also include behind the scene interviews. This will be the first time Sailor Moon Stars will be dubbed in English. We currently do not have the release date for this DVD/Blu-ray, all we know is that it will come out some time this spring. Let us know what you think about the cover!



  1. Personally, I’m loving the cover. Just wish we knew when the date was. Kinda going through with a Sailor Moon Binge Watching of the previous seasons to refresh my memory, since hadn’t seen them in sometime, and looking forward for Sailor Stars to be added to it.

  2. Totally excited and can’t wait this series was such a breakthrough during childhood struggles I remember during the 90’s after the final episode on cartoon network of supers how I bought stars on fansubbed vhs and sharing with friends dying to know conclusions and how it all ends. Will defiantly be getting can’t wait to enjoy it in English too

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