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Hello Moonies!

After much thought I came to a conclusion that I will be closing the forums and creating a discord community. Looking at statistics from the past year, the forums look like a desolate wasteland.

Discord Link:



1. Why are the forums closing?

Forum have been losing popularity from a long time now. The CSM forums were a hit back in 2014-16 but because of server issues and other things we lost members and were not able to regain them. With the combination of lack of members and decreasing popularity of forums we feel that we should close the forums and move to a more popular platform.

2. When are the forums closing?

3. Will the forums still be active?
The forums will still be active but users will not be able to post and new registration will be blocked.

4. What about my gallery posts and other content?
Since the forums are still active, you will be able to see everything that was posted.

5. Great! I am aboard, how do I join?
If you don’t have an account you can join Discord for free, just click this link and sign up.


If you have anymore question please let me know.




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  1. The discord link doesn’t work

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