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Chibi Chibi

Hello there fellow Sailor Moon fans. As you know I am currently making biographies of all the Sailor Scouts. Today I focus on Chibi-Chibi.

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Chibi- Chibi since this is all she says

Earth Family: Not Applicable; At one time thought to be another child of Serena

Favorite Food: Donuts, candies & cake

Least Favorite Food: Not Applicable

Likes: Following Usagi, eating sweets

Dislikes: Not Applicable

Chibi Chibi appears to be about two years old, and can’t really talk yet, though she knows a few simple words and likes to repeat what other people say. In the manga, she mostly imitates the ends of others’ sentences; in the anime, she mostly says “chibi”. Her red hair is always up in two heart shaped “meatballs” with little ringlets sticking out the sides, sort of like Serena Tsukino’s hairstyle.


In each series, Chibi Chibi immediately attaches herself to Serena’s family, whose memories are modified so that they believe her to be the youngest child—almost exactly what Chibiusa had done on her first appearance. Once again, only Serena’s memory is left intact, and because Chibi Chibi has the conversational skill of a toddler the Scouts are unable to question her.


Chibi Chibi eventually transforms, under her own power, into a Sailor Scout. She is called Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon.

The truth of Chibi Chibi’s identity is very different in the manga from what it is in the anime, largely because the two series were being produced at roughly the same time. In the manga, Chibi Chibi’s childlike form is really a disguise for Sailor Cosmos, an ultimately-powerful Scout from the future and Sailor Moon’s final form. In the anime, Chibi Chibi is the starseed of Sailor Galaxia, who had once been a great force for good. When Galaxia fought Chaos, she could see no way to defeat it except to seal it away inside her own body. In order to protect her starseed from being corrupted, she sent it away to Earth, where it finally becomes Chibi Chibi and befriends Sailor Moon.

Chibi Chibi is also referred to as the “light of hope” by the Starlights—their one chance for defeating Galaxia. She is able to transport herself and the Scouts around Galaxia’s domain freely, and in the end, transforms herself into a Sword of Sealing, the very same sword that Galaxia had used to seal away Chaos.

Chibi Chibi’s two identities should not be confused with one another. Sailor Cosmos does not explicitly appear in the anime, although a silhouette of Chibi Chibi as an adult is often mistaken for her. In the manga, Galaxia’s starseed is not humanoid, nor does it have any connection to Chibi Chibi herself or to Sailor Cosmos.

If Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon is your favorite Sailor Scout, then vote for her in the forums by February 1st 2013.


Until next time ClubSailorMoon says, see ya!

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