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Twitterverse People!


Okay….so my friend on Twitter (@TsukinoKousagi_) and I (@AinoMina_) have decided to bring back the #SailorMoonRP that’s on there. We want to start off with the Parallel Sailor Moon children and maybe the parents/outer scouts as well. So far we have: Kousagi (@TsukinoKousagi_) Mina (@AinoMina_) Mako (@ParallelMako) Rei Jr (in waiting) We still need much more people. Anyone who wants to join ... Read More »

Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon creator, interview


The latest issue of ROLa Magazine, a magazine in Japan,  includes an interview with Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon.  Naoko Takeuchi very rarely makes public appearances and has done next to no publicity since Sailor Moon went off the air over 15 years ago.  Fumio Osano, her editor,  also participates in this interview. The hard working people at Miss ... Read More »

Terri Hawkes to be at Unplugged Expo


So far, Unplugged Expo has gathered Stephanie Morgenstern, the voice of Sailor Venus, Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter, Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars and Roland Parliament, the voice of Melvin and voice director for the first 65 episodes.  Now Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon for most of the episodes in the first two seasons, is ... Read More »

Roland Parliament, the voice of Melvin, to be at Unplugged Expo


Roland Parliament, the voice of Melvin and  the voice director for the first 65 episodes of the English dub of Sailor Moon, will be appearing at the Unplugged Expo in downtown Toronto October 26th and the 27th. Confirmed so far for the 20th anniversary celebration of Sailor Moon at this expo is: Stephanie Morgenstern, the voice of Sailor Venus, Susan Roman, the ... Read More »

Kate Griffin, Sailor Mars, to appear at Unplugged Expo this October

Unplugged Expo has now confirmed that three actors from the Sailor Moon dub will be in attendance for their Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary celebration.  Katie Griffin joins Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus) and Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter).  We hope more Sailor Moon voice actors will be joining them as well. Early bird registration is open from now until August 1st.  It’s just ... Read More »

Tuxdeo Mask to read FanFiction in Toronto: Tomorrow!


Toby Proctor, who voiced Tuxedo Mask in most of the first two seasons of the English dub of the Sailor Moon anime, will be reprising his role at Fan Fiction The Show in Toronto.  Performing in costume Toby Proctor will be joining others in a comedic reading of Sailor Moon fan fiction.  The show will be this Saturday July 6th ... Read More »