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Canal J to air Sailor Moon Crystal

If you are living in France you are pretty lucky because Canal j has confirmed that it will be airing Sailor Moon Crystal on TV starting March 2015. Canal J is a children’s cable channel so they will be airing a French dub, but details about the dub has not been released.  Also France is the only country right now that will be airing it on TV, even Japan is not. Since it is being dubed in French I would like to see how they make it plus since it is in French I would like to see it air in Canada (French Channels).

This was posted on there facebook page

Bonjour Cauldron Tounsyl.
Bonne année à vous aussi !
Sailor Moon arrive bien sur Canal J courant mars normalement.
Concernant les doublages je n’ai malheureusement pas l’info.
Très bonne journée


Hello Cauldron Tounsyl.
Happy new Year to you too !
Sailor Moon will arrive on Canal J in March.
With regards to the dubbing, I unfortunately don’t have any info.
Have a nice day


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