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Sailor Moon Symphony: SeraSymphony Live!

Hey Moonies! Guess what?! Sailor Moon will be brought to life by a chamber music ensemble called iconiQ. On Friday, October 10th at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, which is in Manhattan,  iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra presents Sailor Moon Symphony: SeraSymphony Live!, an orchestral concert featuring the score from the popular 1992 anime Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. As a celebration of the show’s ... Read More »

Sailor moon crystal visual book

On August 22nd 2014, Kodansha will be releasing a Sailor Moon Crystal visual book in Japan. This book will include… Information and images SMC Sailor Moon Crystal, including voice actor and staff information Plus more There will be a sleeve for Moon Pride single by Momoiro Clover Z and a DVD featuring the TV sized version of Moon Pride and ... Read More »

Furuhata and Nishimura Hidden Appearance

In the third episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, the one where we first meet Rei, we also get to see two old time characters. In a screenshot shown below, you can see two characters looking in a shop’s window. The two characters look very similar to Unazuki Furuhata, Motoki’s younger sister, and Reika Nishimura, Motoki’s girlfriend. Both of these characters ... Read More »

Episode 25 and 26

It’s Monday and that means more subbed episodes are up on Hulu, this weeks it is Episode 25 and Episode 26   Episode 25: Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love A new girl named Makoto Kino transfers to Usagi’s school, but her tough attitude seems to scare everyone away. Usagi, however, quickly becomes friends with her. Meanwhile, the Dark Kingdom ... Read More »

Watch Act 3 today at 6am EST and 3am PST

The third episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Rei – Sailor Mars, will be available to stream online this Saturday August 2nd starting at 7pm Japan Standard Time which is 6am Eastern Standard Time and 3am Pacific Stardard Time. You can watch the episodes on CrunchyRoll Hulu NicoNico SailorMoonEpisode (Uploaded after release) Act 3 will introduces us to Rei Hino (Sailor ... Read More »

Act 2 “Ami -Sailor Mercury-” Review

Luna was awesome in this episode. She came off as so intelligent and understanding, more so than in the original anime. I love that we saw her headquarters. It does make me wonder if it really is at the arcade, as was its location in the manga. This episode also proves that the anime is not doing exactly what was done in ... Read More »

Episode 23 and 24 are up on Hulu

On July 28 2014 VIZ released 2 more Subbed episodes on Hulu                     Episode 23: Wish Upon a Star: Naru’s First Naru has fallen in love with Masato Sanjoin. Knowing that Sanjoin is really Nephrite, Usagi tries to convince Naru to give up on her feelings without having her learn the ... Read More »

Act 1 “USAGI -SAILOR MOON-” Review

Honestly, when the trailers and the sneak peek came out, I wasn’t entirely impressed. I thought the animation didn’t suit the anime well and the transformation was horribly underwhelming. I regret feeling that way because the first episode was absolutely wonderful. I don’t believe it could’ve been more enjoyable to watch.   I’m going to separate this review into categories of ... Read More »