Sailor Moon Crystal News


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Kick [Manga [Anime] “Sailor Hearing” [Manga] [Anime] “Sailor Vision” [Manga] “Sailor Scream” [Manga] [Anime] Moon Tiara Magic [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Moon Tiara Stardust anime
Moon Disguise Power [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Moon Healing Activation [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Cosmic Moon Power anime
Moon Twilight Flash [Manga] [Live Action] Misc Healing Powers [Live Action] Teleport Power [Live Action] Harp Healing Power [Live Action] Unnamed World Rebirth Power [Live Action] Moon Sceptre Elimination [Manga] [Anime] Sailor Body Attack anime
Moon Spiral Heart Attack [Manga] [Anime] Rainbow Moon Heart Ache [Manga] [Anime] Moon Gorgeous Meditation [Manga] [Anime] Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss [Manga] [Anime] Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss [Manga] [Anime] Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power [Manga]


Sailor Mercury

Mercury Bubble Blast [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Super Dimentional Space Disturbance [Manga] Shine Aqua Illusion [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Ice Sword Attack [Live Action] Ice Sword Attack 2 [Live Action] Mercury Star Attack [Live Action] Mercury Aqua Storm [Live Action] Mercury Aqua Cyclone [Live Action] Mercury Aqua Blizzard [Live Action] Ice Sword Attack 3 [Live Action] Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze [Manga] [Anime] Mercury Aqua Mirage [Manga] [Anime] Mercury Aqua Rhapsody [Manga] [Anime]

Sailor Mars

Mars Fire Ignite [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Mars Fireball Charge [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Mars Star Attack [Live Action] Mars Celestial Fire Surround [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Mars & Venus Daggers [Live Action] Mars Firebird Strike [Anime] Mars Snake Fire [Manga] [Anime] Mars Flame Sniper [Manga] [Anime]

Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter Thunder Crash [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Jupiter Flower Hurricane [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Jupiter Star Attack [Live Action] Jupiter Thunderbolt [Live Action] Jupiter Thunderclap Zap [Manga] [Anime] Unnamed Ground Attack [Live Action] Jupiter Spear [Live Action] Jupiter Thunder Dragon [Manga] [Anime] Coconut Cyclone [Manga] [Anime] Jupiter Oak Evolution [Manga] [Anime]

Sailor Venus

Venus Crescent Beam Smash [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Venus Love Chain Encircle [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] Sailor V Kick
Venus Star Attack [Live Action] Rolling Heart Vibration [Manga] [Live Action] Unnamed Exploding Power [Live Action] Mars & Venus Daggers [Live Action] Venus Shower [Anime] Venus Wink Chain Sword [Anime] Venus Love and Beauty Shock [Manga] [Anime]

Sailor Uranus

Uranus World Shaking [Manga] [Anime] Uranus Space Sword Blaster [Manga] [Anime]

Sailor Neptune

Neptune Deep Submerge [Manga] [Anime] Neptune Submarine Reflection [Manga] [Anime]

Sailor Pluto

Pluto Deadly Scream [Manga] [Anime] Sailor Mini Moon / Chibi Moon
Kitt Magic [Manga] [Anime] Pink Sugar Heart Attack [Manga] [Anime] Crystal Twinkle Bell [Manga] [Anime] “Sailor Scream” [Manga] [Anime]

Sailor Luna

Teleport [Live Action] Fan Attack [Live Action] Luna Sucre Candy [Live Action] Hearing Power [Live Action]

Tuxedo Mask

“Earth Vision”
Tuxedo Smoking Bomber [Manga] [Live Action] Group

Misc Energy Attack [Live Action] Moonlight Attractive Attack [Live Action] Sailor Planet Attack [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action] “Sheild Power” [Manga] [Anime] Sailor Teleport [Manga] [Anime] [Live Action]



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