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Act 2 “Ami -Sailor Mercury-” Review

Luna was awesome in this episode. She came off as so intelligent and understanding, more so than in the original anime. I love that we saw her headquarters. It does make me wonder if it really is at the arcade, as was its location in the manga.

This episode also proves that the anime is not doing exactly what was done in the manga. There’s a hilarious scene in the manga when Luna scratches Ikuko’s (Usagi’s mother) face. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have that in the anime, but this episode was still extremely enjoyable, more than I thought possible.

Ami looked a little irritated in the beginning of the episode. I understand that she was envious of everyone (particularly Usagi, apparently) with their friends but I still will never understand how Umino is friends with the prettiest girls in his class yet Ami is unable to befriend anyone. Perhaps it’s that Umino goes out of his way to talk to other people, whereas Ami does not.

After the first scenes with Ami, she was completely lovable. It was so cute when Usagi and Ami met! The scene was beautifully animated. I also must add that the backgrounds were incredibly gorgeous in this episode.

The moment I posted above was one of my favorites. I love that Usagi just went for the hug and Ami was blushing, how precious! Usagi was very sweet to Ami. They have a wonderful chemistry together.

The Mercury Transformation Pen and the Disguise Pen were cool. I have never really cared much for the Disguise Pen. I mean, Sailor Moon could have come up to them and I’m sure the security guards would have been fine with her entering the building. I think the pens look cute, though!

What I love about this Mamoru is how un-funny he tries to be. I do love the teasing Mamoru in the original anime, but his attitude here is great with Usagi. However, I don’t find their romantic chemistry is as strong as it could be. I do believe it will get better.

I genuinely don’t understand the point of this anime being set in the modern time. It’s not that Usagi can’t have a computer, it’s that what the heck is the point of the arcade? I know some people still go to arcades but it’s such a waste of money to spend your money on games when you can play games online for free. Ms. Haruna needs to teach her kids how to spend their money wisely.

One of the things I really liked about this episode is that the animators tried with facial expressions! Usagi’s face in the second photo in the photo above is so cute! This is proof that they do have the ability to give funny facial expressions. Maybe the first episode was more of a pilot? Luna also made a face, in the second photo above.

It was actually pretty freaky watching Ami being hypnotized by the Dark Kingdom. Very well done, even if it’s creepy. I love when Ami began to realize that Usagi was her friend, a very powerful scene for Ami.



Sailor Mercury’s transformation is about a million times better than Sailor Moon’s and I do not know why. She looked way cuter and the animation was so much prettier.

On another note, it was incredible to see how much Ami’s personality changes when she becomes Sailor Mercury. She’s always strong, but here she gains so much confidence. By the end of the episode, she retained some of the confidence boost and I loved that.

Mercury Aqua Mist is just plain awesome. The fog looked so dense, which allowed me to believe that the enemy might not be able to actually see the Sailor Scouts, or anyone else for that matter.

I adored the moment between Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. I believe that he genuinely cares for Sailor Moon, something that I sometimes had trouble with in the original anime.

The ending scene between Ami and Usagi was my favorite out of both of the episodes so far. Their friendship is so sweet and genuine. I hope that their friendship is explored throughout this season because they get along so well.

Usagi is an excellent character. She was a little whiny at the beginning of the episode but she gradually became much more accepting of her situation as Sailor Moon. I believe she is wonderfully expressed here.

The episode ends with a short scene of Rei. I am so excited for her! I pray that her personality is similar to that of the manga version. Her manga self would be an excellent addition to the group. I seriously did not understand the point of Rei’s boy-crazy personality in the original anime. I will be more than glad to see her with an adapted personality from the manga.

I’m so sorry for a late review! My computer was acting super weird this past week and I only had these photos on my laptop, as opposed to on my phone. Lame excuse, I know. I promise an review as soon as possible on Rei’s episode! Thank you for reading!

– moonmaritza


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