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Act 1 “USAGI -SAILOR MOON-” Review

Honestly, when the trailers and the sneak peek came out, I wasn’t entirely impressed. I thought the animation didn’t suit the anime well and the transformation was horribly underwhelming. I regret feeling that way because the first episode was absolutely wonderful. I don’t believe it could’ve been more enjoyable to watch.


I’m going to separate this review into categories of anime. I would mention the writing but they followed the manga as close as they could get to it. It was nearly an exact animation of the first chapter and fortunately, very well-executed.



The opening theme song is really cute. I like it a lot. The attacks and transformation theme songs were alright but nothing particularly special. However, I do love the ending theme.



What I really loved was the colors.  The colors were dimensional and they fit perfectly with what the show is trying to accomplish.


When the episode started, there were amazing renderings or drawings of the solar system and then there was this beautiful one of Earth. Simply stunning.


It’s a little though disappointing because the characters aren’t always shown to be really expressive. For instance, we don’t always get to see the faces when they’re really angry, the characters have their faces covered up or we see the back of their heads. Body expression is very good though. I really liked it when they showed Serenity running and then she was being led by Endymion somewhere in Usagi’s dreams. I thought that was really well done.



Usagi was adorable. She was portrayed really well. Like I had previously stated, they’re pretty much doing exactly what was done in the manga. If you didn’t like her in the manga then you’ll most likely dislike her here as well. If you’ve seen the original Japanese anime, it’s the total cherry on top that her voice actor is voicing her again.  I love Usagi in this new anime. Her hair moves around a lot and I never realized how much it mattered. It doesn’t affect what I think of the original anime, it’s still fantastic, but her hair moving naturally does make a difference in enjoyment of the animation.



have to talk about Luna. Luna is a really important character and I wish she was always around. I thought Luna was done well, but there was only so much that Luna did anyways in the manga. I loved it when Usagi kissed Luna, it was just precious! I got the chills when Luna was standing on the brick wall and they stared at each other. Great scene!



It was pretty sad how I was so excited to see Mamoru get hit in the face with Usagi’s failed exam. The way they met was really well done and I’m eternally grateful to whoever animated the tuxedo on him. He actually looks his age which is really great. He didn’t have a really big role as Tuxedo Mask but he was really cool.  Mamoru has a very cold personality like his manga counterpart and it’s really interesting. I definitely want to see more of him.



And last of the characters are the villains. The main villains from the Dark Kingdom didn’t have much of a role other than Jadeite but he didn’t really do much either. He sent out the youma of course and then the episode ended with him saying that Sailor Moon isn’t too bad. He definitely isn’t as creepy as he should be.



I really didn’t like the transformation at all when I saw it in the sneak peek. It looked like it didn’t fit in with the anime, and it was very difficult for me to enjoy it. Although, when I watched it in the episode, I disliked it a lot less but it’s still not preferable. It’s not very exciting to watch. Fortunately, this is insignificant compared to the rest of the episode.


I really do love the attacks though. She did this screeching that breaks windows and it was super cool. It was like Black Canary meets Sailor Moon. Moon Tiara Boomerang was AWESOME. I really wish that they animated the transformation to fit in with that attack, it really makes the transformation stand out strangely.



Excellent beginning to this series! It was beautifully composed. Although I do find error in the animated faces, this episode was a delight to watch. I am able to easily overlook the faults.


The second act “AMI- SAILOR MERCURY-” airs soon! Be sure to check out this post letting you know where you can watch it!


– moonmaritza

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