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UnPlugged Expo this October in Toronto

Okay. I’m going to be kinda lazy today. I’ve been feeling very sick lately so haven’t posted alot 🙁 However, while I’ve been sick UnPlugged Expo has been gathering more people to be at their Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary event coming this October 26th and 27th. How am I being lazy? Instead of making a few posts saying who was confimed and who they were in Sailor Moon…I’m just giving you a large list of the people already going to be in attendance. Yeah I know….not the best thing to do but hey! It’s something right?

Okay. So the list goes as such:

Ron Rubin who voiced Artemis

Jill Frappier who voiced Luna, Queen Berly and Sailor Pluto/Trista

Julie Lemieux who voiced Sammy and Pereru

Roland Parliament who voiced Melvin

Katie Griffin who voiced Sailor Mars/Raye

Stephanie Morgenstern who voiced Sailor Venus/Mina

Susan Roman who voiced Sailor Jupiter/Lita

Terrie Hawks who voiced Sailor Moon/Serena


I’m still waiting for them to get Sugar who voiced Sailor Chibi Moon!!! Let’s face it….Sugar rocks! But alas…time is running thin. And they still need to find the outers and Mercury! Where for art thou Mercury?

Okay, well until next time, ClubSailorMoon says…See ya!

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