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The first 10 episodes of the original Sailor Moon anime are now on the official Sailor Moon YouTube channel

As you may know the Sailor Moon Eternal movie will be released in theaters in Japan starting on September 11. To promote this 10 episodes of the original Sailor Moon (Subbed) has been released on YouTube for free. These episodes will be available until July.

YouTube Channel Link:

Originally we were told that they were going to be released worldwide on YouTube. However, they are only limited to Japan, Somalialand and Macedonia. The episodes are in Japanese and you can turn on the subs if you don’t speak Japanese.

Every week a set of 10 episodes will be released, here is the schedule. The episodes will be released every week but only the first three seasons will be released I think they did this because the new movie will be retelling the Dream arc. Although, Sailor Moon Crystal is not a continuation of the original series so no idea why they did that (perhaps the old series was more popular).

April 24th to April 30th – Sailor Moon 1 to 10
May 1st to May 7th – Sailor Moon 11 to 20
May 8th to May 14th – Sailor Moon 21 to 30
May 15th to May 21st – Sailor Moon 31 to 40
May 22nd to May 28th – Sailor Moon 41 to 46 and Sailor Moon R 47 to 50 (1 to 4)
May 29th to June 4th – Sailor Moon R 51 to 60 (5 to 14)
June 5th to June 11th – Sailor Moon R 61 to 70 (15 to 24)
June 12th to June 18th – Sailor Moon R 71 to 80 (25 to 34)
June 19th to June 25th – Sailor Moon R 81 to 89 (35 to 43) and Sailor Moon S 90 (1)
June 26th to July 2nd – Sailor Moon S 91 to 100 (2 to 11)
July 3rd to July 9th – Sailor Moon S 101 to 110 (12 to 21)
July 10th to July 16th – Sailor Moon S 111 to 120 (22 to 31)
July 17th to July 23rd – Sailor Moon S 121 to 127 (32 to 38)

It looks like most of us can’t watch the series because it is limited to few countries, but we can use a VPN to watch it or you can simply head over to SailorMoonTV and watch all Sailor Moon related episodes (VIZ dub, VIZ Sub, original dub, original sub, Sailor Moon Crystal, Musicals, abridged, and movies).

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