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Episode 8 Sailor Says

Serena: It’s so cool knowing that I saved the day. Raye: You? With that tiny little frisbee? My fireballs are what defeated that monster! Serena: *growls* My frisbee against your silly fireballs anytime anywhere! Raye: Oh yeah? Serena: Yeah! Amy: Neither of you defeated her. Serena: What? Amy: We all did. with teamwork. Raye: Oh! Luna: Now, if you could ... Read More »

Episode 7 Sailor Says

Serena: Today we saw buses vanish into thin air, too bad we can’t do the same with all the smog buses, cars and trucks cause. We may be just kids, but we can help. Encourage your parents and friends to carpool or to use public transportation, it will help save the air we breath. And then treat yourself to something ... Read More »

Episode 6 Sailor Says

Serena: I like to do things fast and get them over with, like homework. But that’s where you make mistakes. Patience doesn’t come easy, I know. Slow down take your time and do it with care. It takes less time to do it right than doing it fast and having to go back and do it again. Luna: So when ... Read More »

Episode 5 Sailor Says

Serena: School what a nuisance. Amy:  My friend Serena thinks schools a drag. But learning can be fun and having a good education can be a great way to give yourself the best start for the rest of your life. I’m going to work on Serena’s study habits; how about working on yours to. Like doing homework before watching T.V ... Read More »

Episode 4 Sailor Says

Serena: Hum-hum. It’s fun imaging being a movie star or rock and roll idol; all that attention, money and fame. But it’s no good trying to be somebody you’re not. What makes a real star isn’t about fame and money, but being the best person you could be and feeling good about yourself. Be a star in your own life. ... Read More »

Episode 3 Sailor Says

Serena: Starving yourself and exercising till you drop is not a smart way to lose weight. Like a car without gas, our bodies can’t run without food. Luna: Good nutritional food. Serena: If you think you need to lose wait talk to someone who really knows like a doctor. It can save your life and please remember, real beauty really ... Read More »

Episode 2 Sailor Says

I just thought I’d share what we all used to love as kids and probably don’t care about now. But just remember, Sailor Moon did teach us some valuable life lessons. Daydreams are nice especssially the ones about… food. Haha . Daydreams are cool alright. But just don’t forget about the here and now. The time you spend daydreaming, you ... Read More »

Episode 1 Sailor Says

I just though I would share what we used to love as little kids and probably don’t care about now. But just remember, Sailor Moon did teach us valuable life lessons. Serena: Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is believing in yourself. Especially when your grades are, umm, less than stellar. Or you’re kind of clumsy. But you never ... Read More »