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VIZ announces the voices of the Black Moon Clan arc

black moon

  We have recently found out the cast for Sailor Moon R Black Moon Arc. You can get a glimpse of the voices in episode 60 but we will be able to hear more of the voices when when the new episodes get released during mini moonlight party this Friday. Matthew Mercer as Prince DemandeClaudia Lenz as Koan Greg Felden ... Read More »

Episodes 85 and 86 are on Hulu


It’s moonday and 2 more episodes from the VIZ redub are up on Hulu. This week it is episodes 85 and 86.   Episode 85: The Dark Queen: Birth of Black Lady Wiseman brainwashes Chibi-Usa and turns her into the Dark Queen known as Black Lady. Realizing that something has happened to Chibi-Usa, the Sailor Guardians return to present-day Earth ... Read More »