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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 9 Serenity – Princess

  Happy Halloween! Tomorrow (Saturday) a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be coming out, this week it is going to be Act 9 Serenity – Princess. You can watch it on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico starting at 7pm Japan Standard Time, 6am Eastern Standard Time and 3am Pacific Standard Time. In this episode they are going to show ... Read More »

Sailor Moon episodes 33 and 34 are now up on Hulu

Today is Moon Day and that means two new episodes and today they are Episode 33 and 34. Check them out below! Episode 33: Enter Venus, the Last Sailor Guardian When the exploits of a Sailor Moon imposter become quite the sensation, the real Sailor Guardians step in to investigate. They soon learn the whole thing is a trap set ... Read More »