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ClubSailorMoon Forum Party!

Party is Over, It was really fun thanks for all of you that showed up! Any time of day starting now until the end of today, we are hosting a forum party. What is a forum party you ask? Basically we are just going to post on new topics and old ones to get the forum more active. We are ... Read More »

New Role Playing Section

Hey there! We at ClubSailorMoon have added a new role playing section to our forums. There is one for 13 years and over and 18 years and over. Like everything in life, there are some rules you have to follow they can be found at: under the role playing section. Well, have fun and as always, ClubSailorMoon says, See ... Read More »

Do you like Forums?

If you have something you want to say forums about sailor moon, then join our forums. Click on the Forums button at the top of the screen or this link: and it will redirect you there. Afterwards, make an account and confirm it and you’ll be set. We will be posting our favorite fan art, poll results and/or comments on ... Read More »

Discuss Sailor Moon Remake 2013

So, there is still no new information about the remake, but we here at clubsailormoon have decided that we want to hear from you. If you have anything to say about the remake, join the forums and discuss. What do you want to see in the new series? Who do you hope plays the characters? Do you want to see ... Read More »

Have Something to Say?

If you have anything to say about Sailor Moon, please join the forum by making an account. Click on “Fourm” at the top of the screen or this link: and make an account. After that, you can start posting your opions about anything. Hope to see you on the forums soon. Until then, ClubSailorMoon says, See ya! Read More »