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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 is coming November 12, 2019!

We finally have confirmation that Sailor Moon Stars part 2 will will be released on November 12, 2019. Two weeks prior to Sailor Stars part 1 DVD/Blu-Ray release they released the episodes digitally. If this occur again for Part 2 we should be getting those digital versions on October 29th. Finally all 200 episodes will be released and finally stars would be dubbed in English. You can purchase the DVD/Blu-Ray from Right Stuff. The DVD/Blu-ray is not available on Amazon or other retailers yet but once they are, the links will be posted.


sailor_moon_sailor_stars_part_2_blu-ray sailor_moon_sailor_stars_part_2_blu-ray_back


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing the DiC versions of Sailor Moon. I am curious when you will have all of the DiC versions up?

  2. They’re all up for awhile now

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