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Sailor Moon Game “Sailor Moon Drops”






It was currently announced that a new Sailor Moon Game was going to be released for IOS and Android; the game is made my Bandai Namco Entertainment. From the looks of it the game looks like Bejeweled. The game is free but it looks like there will be in app payments. Unfortunately we don’t know the release date of this game.




















Right now you can preregister for the game, you should do so because when the game is released you can get bonus stuff.

Sign up here.

Once you sign up you will get a email like this (It was translated from Japanese with Google Translate)

Thank you for by pre-registration to smartphones game app “Sailor Moon Moon Drops”.

Once the application has been released, we will send you a serial code that pre-registration benefits can be acquired.

Please wait to come look forward to release.

※ Note ※

Once change your email address, it will not be able to make the receipt of the release of the announcement / serial.

※ official website is here

Inquiry ※ here

towards the iPhone:

Those of Android:

Source: NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment

Bandai Namco social game info.



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