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Sailor Moon Episode List

Season 1

Original Titles (in english) Dub Titles
1. Graceful Change of Crybaby Usagi 1. A Moon Star is Born
2. I’ll Punish You! The Fortune House is a Youma’s Mansion
missing episode
3. Mystery of the Sleeping Sickness, Defend the Loving Hearts of Maidens 2. Talk Radio
4. Usagi Will Teach You! The Way to Get Slim 3. Slim City
5. The Demonic Scent! Schanerla Steals Love
missing episode
6. Protect the Song of Love! Usagi Is Cupid
missing episode
7. Usagi’s Hard Lesson! The Way to Stardom is Tough 4. So You Want to be a Superstar?
8. Is the Genius Girl a Youma? The Brain Washing Cram School 5. Computer School Blues
9. Usagi’s Misfortune! Beware of the Rushing Clock 6. Time Bomb
10. The Cursed Bus! The Fighter of Flames Mars Appears 7. An Uncharmed Life
11. Usagi And Rei Face Off? The Nightmare of Dreamland 8. Nightmare in Dreamland
12. I Want a Boyfriend Too. Trap of Cruise Ship 9. Cruise Blues
13. The Girls are in Unison! The End of Jedite 10. Fight to the Finish
14. A New Formidable Enemy, the Evil Coat of Arm Nephrite 11. Match Point for Sailor Moon
15. Usagi Upset! Rei-chan’s First Date 12. An Unnatural Phenomenon
16. Pure White Dress Dream! Usagi Becomes Bride 13. Wedding Day Blues
17. Model Is Usagi? Focus of Demon Camera 14. Shutter Bugged
18. Shingo’s love! Sorrow French Doll 15. Dangerous Dollies
19. Usagi Touched! Tuxedo Mask’s Love Letter 16. Who is That Masked Man?
20. Oh Summer, Sea, Holiday! And Ghosts Too
missing episode
21. Protect Children’s Dream! Friendship Tied by Anime 17. An Animated Mess
22. Romance Under Moon! Usagi’s First Kiss 18. Worth a Princess’ Ransom
23. Wishing to be a Shooting Star! Naru-chan’s Pure Love 19. Molly’s Folly
24. Naru-chan’s Tear! Death of Nephrite for Love 20. A Friend in Wolf’s Clothing
25. Power Girl in Love, Jupiter-chan 21. Jupiter Comes Thundering In
26. Smile, Naru-chan! Usagi’s Friendship 22. The Power of Friendship
27. Love to Ami-chan?! A Boy Who Sees the Future 23. Mercury’s Mental Match
28. The Illistration of Love, Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer? 24. An Artful Attack
29. Total Chaos! Love Square of Mess 25. Too Many Girlfriends
30. Grandpa’s Insanity, Rei-chan in Jeopardy 26. Grandpa’s Follies
31. Loved and Chased! Luna’s Worst Day 27. Kitty Chaos
32. Umino’s Decision! I’ll Protect Naru Chan! 28. Tuxedo Melvin
33. The Last Sailor Warrior, Venus Comes 29. Sailor V Makes the Scene
34. Shinning Crystal! Moon Princess Returns 30. A Crystal Clear Destiny
35. Returning Memories! Usagi and Mamoru’s Past 31. A Reluctant Princess
36. Usagi in Confusion! Evil Tuxedo Mask? 32. Bad Hair Day
37. Aim for Princess? Usagi’s Strange Training 33. Miss Manners
38. Snow, Mountains, Friendship! Also a Youma Too! 34. Ski Bunny Blues
39. A Pair with the Youma? The Queen of Ice Mako-chan 35. Ice Princess
40. The Lake of Monster Legend. Usagi’s Family Tie 36. Last Resort
41. I Won’t Run Away from Love Anymore! Ami and Mamoru Face Off 37. Tuxedo Unmasked
42. Sailor Venus’ Past, Minako’s Blighted Love
missing episode
43. Usagi Going Alone? The Sailor Senshi’s Big Fight 38. Fractious Friends
44. Usagi’s Awakening! Message from the Ancient Past 39. The Past Returns
45. Death of the Sailor Warriors. Gallent Final Battle 40. Day of Destiny
46. Usagi’s Eternal Wish. Renewed Reincarnation 40. Day of Destiny


Season 2

Original Titles (in english) Dub Titles
47. Moon Revives! The Mysterious Alien Appears 41. The Return of Sailor Moon
48. For the Cause of Love and Justice! The Sailor Senshi Revive 42. So You Want to Be in Pictures?
49. Who is the White Rose for? Tsukikage no Knight Appears 43. A Knight to Remember
50. Usagi in Danger! Disabled Tiara 44. VR Madness
51. Renewed Transformation, Usagi’s Power Up 45. Cherry Blossom Time
52. Targeted Children! Venus in Action 46. Kindergarten Chaos
53. Mamoru and Usagi’s Babysitter Mayhem 47. Much Ado About Babysitting
54. The Cultural Festival Just for Me!? Queen Rei Sings All Out 48. Raye’s Day in the Spotlight
55. Is Seijuro the Moon Shadow!? Mako-chans Firing Up 49. Food Fetish
56. Steal Mamoru’s Kiss! Ann’s Snow White Strategy 50. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
57. Beware of After School! The Target Usagi 51. Detention Doldrums
58. The Disagreeing Feeling of Love! The Mikaiju’s Anger 52. Secret Garden
59. The True Love Awakens! The Makaiju’s Secret 53. Treed
60. Angel? Devil? The Mysterious Girl Who Fell from the Sky 54. Serena Times Two
61. Usagi’s Big Shock! Mamoru Announces that He is Breaking Up 55. The Cosmic Caper
62. The Friendship of the Senshi! Goodbye Ami-chan 56. Mercury Moving On?
63. Girls Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei’s New Attack 57. Gramps in a Pickle
64. After the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa’s Secret 58. Trouble Comes Thundering Down
65. Dispute About Love! Makoto and Minako’s Argument 59. A Charmed Life
66. Usagi’s Parenthood? The Curry Triangle Relationship 60. A Curried Favor
67. Ocean, Island, Vacation! Senshi’s Day Off
missing episode
68. Protect Chibiusa! The Fierce Battle Between the 10 Warriors 61. Naughty and Nice
69. Awaken the Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru’s Distress 62. Prediction of Doom
70. Confronting the Flame of Love! Mars vs. Cooan 63. Enemies No More
71. For Friendship! Ami and Beruche Clash 64. Check Mate
72. Rubeus’ Emergancy! The Loss Of 4 Sisters 65. Sibling Rivalry
73. Rubeus’ UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi Taken Hostage 66. Rubeus Evens the Score
74. Go and Beat Up Rubeus! A Battle in Space 67. Rubeus Strikes Out
75. A Mysterious New Soldier! Sailor Pluto Appears 68. The Secret of the Luna Sphere
76. Power of the Evils, Invation by Esmerado 69. Emerald Takes Over
77. The Thoughts are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Again 70. Promises Fulfilled
78. Venus-Minako’s Nurse Mayhem 71. No Thanks, Nurse Venus
79. The Adventures of Artemis! The Evil Animal Kingdom 72. Dog Day for Artemis
80. The Illusion of Terror. Lone Ami 73. Lonely Amy
81. The Dark Gate Opens? Grade School Targeted! 74. Child’s Play
82. Journey to the Future. Battle in the Corridor of Time 75. Future Shocked
83. Battle in the Future! Demondo’s Ambition! 76. Legend of the Negamoon
84. Wiseman’s Dark Hand. Destroy Chibiusa! 77. Jealousy’s Just Reward
85. Queen of Darkness! The Birth of the Black Lady 78. The Birth of Wicked Lady
86. Death of Safiel! Wiseman’s Trap! 79. Brotherly Love
87. Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi’s Will Power 80. Diamond in the Rough
88. The Last Battle Between Light and Dark! Vow to Tomarrow’s Love 81. Final Battle
89. Usagi’s Final Desision! Prologue to a New Battle 82. Follow the Leader

Season 3

Original Titles (in english) Dub Titles
90. A Premonition of World Destruction? The Mysterious New Soldiers Appear 83. Star Struck, Bad Luck
91. The Birth of the Rod of Love! Usagi’s New Transformation 84. Crystal Clear Again
92. A Pretty Boy?? Tenou Haruka’s Secret 85. Driving Dangerously
93. Usagi Yearns! The Elegant Genius Michiru 86. Bad Harmony
94. Protect the Pure Heart! The Enemy/Ally Tree Way Battle 87. Swept Off Her Feet
95. Leave it up to Moon to Aid with Love 88. Blinded by Love’s Light
96. Cruel Uranus? Makoto’s Pinch! 89. Lita Borrows Trouble
97. Water Labyrinth. The Target: Ami 90. Damp Spirits
98. Save the Friends! Moon and Uranus Work Together 91. Friendly Foes
99. A Man’s Gentle Mind! Yuuichirou’s Broken Heart for Rei? 92. Mixed Emotions
100. She Wants to Quit Being a Sailor Senshi!? Minako’s Worries 93. Individual Happiness
101. Usagi’s Tears! For My Birthday, a Pair of Glass Slippers! 94. Birthday Blues Part 1
102. The Stolen Pure Heart! Usagi is in Trouble 95. Birthday Blues Part 2
103. She Came! A Small Pretty Soldier 96. Hello Sailor Mini Moon
104. Looking for Friends! Busy Chibimoon 97. Tainted Tea Party
105. I Need Power! Makoto’s Lost Way 98. People Who Need People
106. Bonds of Destiny! The Far Reaching Day of Uranus 99. Related by Destiny
107. Art is an Explosion of Love! Rini’s First Love 100. Art Appreciation
108. The Waltz is Usagi’s Dance 101. Everything’s Coming Up Rosy
109. Shocking Moment: Mutual Identities Revealed! 102. No Turning Back
110. Deaths of Uranus and Neptune. The Tailsmen Appear! 103. Destiny’s Arrival
111. The Sacred Cups Mysterious Power! Double Moon Transformation 104. The Purity Chalice
112. Who is the Real Messiah? Light and Shadows in Chaos 105. Show Stoppers
113. The House with Evil Feelings. The Secret of the Pretty Girl Hotaru 106. Rini’s Risky Friendship
114. I Love Idols! Mimet’s Worries 107. Mimet’s Mess
115. Shadow of Silence. Hotaru’s Dimming Light 108. The Shadow of Silence
116. Calm After the Storm! A Friendship Devoted to Hotaru 109. Thorny Weather
117. Much Higher! Much Stronger! Cheerleader Usagi! 110. Heightened Hazard
118. Battle With An Evil Atmosphere! The Sailor Soldier’s Gamble 111. It’s in the Cards
119. Awakening of the Messiah? The Fate of Stars 112. Goodness Eclipsed
120. Invasion from Outer Space! Mugen High’s Secret 113. Next in Line
121. Temptress! The Third Undesirable Woman – Tellu 114. Fiendish Ferns
122. Believe in Love! Kind Soldier Ami 115. The Science of Love
123. Shadow of Destruction! Messiah of Silence Awakens! 116. Wake Up Call
124. Approaching Horror! Eight Soldiers in a Pinch 117. Who’s Really Who?
125. Shiny Shooting Stars! Saturn and Messiah 118. Darkness, My Old Friend
126. Bundle of New Life! The Destiny of Stars, The Time of Farewell 119. Second Chance
127. A Growing Soldier! A Pure Heart is the Base for Growing Strong 120. Tough Kindness

Season 4

Original Titles (in english) Dub Titles
128. An Unexpected Encounter! The Night Pegasus Performs His Steps 121. Dreams Take Flight
129. Super Transformation! It Happens Again by the Power of Pegasus 122. No Ordinary Horsepower
130. Protect Mom’s Dream! Use the Deadly New Weapons of Double Moon 123. Sweet Dreams
131. Catch Pegasus! Trap of the Amazon Trio. 124. Baiting the Trap
132. The Best Couple! The Love Between Usagi and Mamoru 125. Perfect Couple
133. Artemis’ Love Scandle! A Mysterious Kitten Appears 126. Much Ado About Kitten
134. Makoto’s Friendship! A Girl Attracted by Pegasus 127. A Pegasus Page Turner
135. Sympathized Minds! Between Chibiusa and Pegasus 128. A Teacher’s Lesson
136. Protect Mamoru! Jealous Ninja Usagi 129. The Trouble With Love
137. A Mysterious Forest! Invation from a Beautiful Fairy 130. Phony Fairy
138. Race Up to Heaven! Love for the Dream Car 131. Driven Dreamer
139. Be the Strongest in the Country! A Pretty Young Warrior’s Problem 132. Cutting It Close
140. We Love Mini-Skirts! Perfect Fit Soldiers 133. Clothes Call
141. Stormy Love! Minako’s Big Two Timing Project 134. Double Trouble
142. A Secret House! A Menu Full Of Love for You 135. Recipe for Danger
143. The Moment They Trust Pegesus! Super Transformation of the Four Soldiers 136. Kicking Into High Gear
144. Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl with the Sea Breeze 137. Beach Blanket Bungle
145. Aim for Prima Ballerina! Usagi in the Ballet 138. Tutu Treachery
146. Holiday at Tenth Street! An Innocent Princess 139. Dutchess’s Day Off
147. A Partner in Destiny? Makoto’s Pure Heart 140. No Prince Charming
148. Shadow of Evil! Cornered Trio 141. A True Reflection
149. Mirror of Dreams! Final Stage of the Amazon Trio 142. Eternal Dreams
150. The Amazoness! A Nightmare from Behind the Mirror 143. A New Nightmare
151. True Power Explosion! Ami’s Preparation of the Heart 144. Heartfelt Melody
152. Burning Passion! Mars’ Furious Super Deadly Attack 145. Dreams of Her Own
153. Dentist of Terror? Palla Palla House 146. Dental Dilema
154. Protect Dreams! Minako and Makoto Team Up 147. Nightmare Garden
155. Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom 148. Vaulting to Victory
156. Don’t Lose Your Dream! A Mirror Reflects the Truth 149. Reflections of Reality
157. Pegesus has Disappeared? Swinging Friendships 150. Dream Believer
158. The Secret of Pegesus! The Handsom Protector Of the Dream World 151. Pegasus Revieled
159. Chibiusa’s Little Love Rhapsody 152. Rini’s Lovely Rhapsody
160. Dream to Become an Adult! Bewilderment of the Amazoness 153. Tomorrow’s Big Dreams
161. Coming Terror! The Evil Approach of the Queen of Darkness 154. Day of Night
162. Center of Darkness. Dead Moon Circus 155. Show Time Showdown
163. The Mirror Labyrinth! Captured Chibimoon 156. The Dark Legend
164. Golden Crystal Taken! Neherenia’s Triumph 157. One in the Hand
165. When the Crystal Shines! Power of Beautiful Dreams 158. Golden Revival
166. Dreams Bring Together! Never Give Up! 159. The Sweetest Dream

Season 5

Original Titles (in english) Dub Titles
167. Time for the Nightmare to be Scattered! The Queen of Darkness Revives This season was never dubbed!
168. Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Gather
169. Cursed Mirror! Mamoru Caught in a Nightmare
170. Destiny Disrupted! Sailor Soldiers in Trouble
171. Love Mistake! Will They Survive?
172. The Love of Moon Power! Brought Together Again
173. A Farewell and an Encounter! The Destiny of Flowing Stars
174. Change of an Outfit! To be an Idol
175. Become an Idol! Minako’s Ambations
176. Fighter’s Identity! The Shocking Super Transformation
177. The Dreams of Romance Entrusted to the Stars! Taiki’s Transformation
178. Luna Saw It?! Idol Yaten’s Real Face
179. Enemys? Allies? Star Lights and Sailor Soldiers
180. The Glitter of the Stars that Call Eachother! Haruka and Michiru Join in the Battle
181. Seiya and Usagi’s Nervous Date
182. Invasion from Space! Siren Comes Flying In
183. The Scream of a Ghost? The Frightening Monster of the Camp
184. Night Between Us! Usagi’s Pinch
185. Taiki Sings with Excellence! A Song Carries a Believing Heart’s Best Wishes
186. The Mystery Behind Chibi Chibi!? The Troublesome Pursuit
187. The Power of the Glittering Stars! Chibi Chibi’s Transformation
188. An Invitation to Horror! Usagi’s Night Time Flight
189. In Between the Mission and the Friendship. The Sailor Soldiers Confrontation
190. The Truth Revealed, Seiya’s Past
191. When the Butterfly of Light Dances! The Premonition of a New Wave
192. Straight to your dream! Idol Minako is born?
193. The Silver Crystal that was taken! Princess Fireball Appears
194. The Holy Battle in the Galaxy. The Legend of the Sailor Wars
195. Princess Fireball is Destroyed! Galaxia Descends
196. When the Galaxy Perishes! The Sailor Soldiers Final Battle
197. The Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia’s Threat
198. The Disappearing Stars! The Death of Uranus and Neptune
199. The Light of Hope! The Final Battle for the Galaxy
200. Usagi’s Love! The Moonlight Illuminates the Galaxy

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