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Sailor Moon Crystal’s English dub is coming to Hulu this November

This weekend (long weekend for us Canadians) Viz Media had their Sailor Moon Panel at New York Comic Con. In the event they gave us information on Sailor Moon Dub, first and foremost is that Sailor Moon Crystal English Dub will be releasing on Hulu sometime November 2015. They also told us that DVDs and Blue-rays will be coming in 2016. The first DVD/Blue-ray release is “Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1: The Dark Kingdom Arc” and will include Sailor Moon Crystal Acts 1 to 13.  In addition to Sailor Moon Crystal dub Viz Media also gave us information on the voice actors for the witches 5.

They are

Erin Fitzgerald will voice Eudial.

Kira Buckland will voice Mimete.

Laura Post, will voice Tellu.

Cricket Brown will play Viluy.

Johanna Luis will play both Cyprine and Ptilol


Are you excited for the dub? We are!!

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