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Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 footage

Infity opening Usagi no shoes

Today there was an event in Japan (Anime Japan) which shows us the new Sailor Moon Crystal opening, closing,  new trailer and a preview of Act 27. We also found out  that this season will have 13 episodes. Just do you know the manga has 11 chapters for the Infinty Arc.


Here is the Anime Japan event.

This is the new opening, In Love With the New Moon sung by Etsuko Yakushimaru

This is the first ending theme Eternal Eternity sung by Junko Minagawa (Sailor Neptune) and Sayaka Ohara (Sailor Uranus)

Lastly, this is the trailer


Here are some screenshots

Opening Sailor Moon talismans Sailor Neptune

Uranus and Neptune pretty_guardian_sailor_moon_crystal_season_3_cd_1

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