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Sailor Moon Arc Summaries: Black Moon Arc

In the second half of season 2, Rini (Chibiusa in Japanese) arrives from the future to find the silver crystal to save her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, in the 30th century. She stays with Serena’s family having hypnotized them into believing that she is a family member. The new enemies are the Black Moon Family, consisting of the Ayakashi Sisters and the main family members: Rubeus, Emerald, Saphire, Diamond, and Wiseman. Serena and Darein break up in because of visions Darein receives from his future self, King Darien, warning him that he must stay away from Serena or she will die.

The Black Moon family is after Rini in order to take over future Earth. However, the Ayakashi sisters fail and are healed by Sailor Moon after they are betrayed by Rubeus. Rini eventually discovers the Sailor’s identities, and Serena and Darein get back together. They meet another new senshi, Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time on their way to the future to save Neo-Queen Serenity.

The Sailor’s eventually find out that Rini is the daughter of Serena and Darein in the future,who are the leaders of Crystal Tokyo as Neo-Queen Serenity and King Darein. The Black Moon desires to take over Earth so that their people may live there. However, they are unknowingly being manipulated by Wiseman, or Death Phantom, for his own purposes. Rini later discovers that she had the crystal all along (it was sort of absorbed into her), and she and Serena combine the power of their two crystals to defeat Wiseman.

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